We produce TVCs, Educational & Commercial Videos, Public Service Spots,

    Feature Films, Documentaries, TV Dramas & Comedies.


    The company was founded in 2006 by British TV producer Matthew Robinson. He won two BAFTAs and many other awards for his BBC TV productions before permanently moving to Cambodia. He heads KMF and checks all productions for quality.


    Commissioned by TV broadcasters, local overseas & companies, Government Ministries, Embassies, NGOs & INGOs, private individuals. Recent clients: World Bank, British & US Embassies, Ministries of Commerce, Environment, Transport & Labour, USAID, Dewhirst Apparel, WING, Phnom Penh Beer, CARE, Roomchang Dental, Vattanac Bank.

    Staff & Services

    KMF's Cambodian staff cover writing, casting, directing, set design, lighting, camera work, editing, sound design, graphic design. Many were trained by experienced British TV consultants. We offer all stages of video and film services: Research, Conceptualisation, Scripting, Pre-production, Shooting, Editing, Post-production & Subtitling.


    We produce TVCs and Corporate Videos for many different types of clients.

    Northbridge School

    4 TVCs - 2019

    Ministry of Labour

    Celebrating ILO Membership - 2019

    Save the Children

    NGO VIDEOS - 2019

    Police Department

    Good Community Relations - 2019

    Wat Bo School


    - 2019

    Nord Anglia



    WEB SERIES - 2018

    PlaySpace Montessori

    PROMO VIDEO - 2018


    PROMO - 2018

    Save the Children

    TV SPOT - 2017


    COMEDY CLIPS - 2018







    Road Safety 3

    TV SPOT - 2017


    TV SPOT - 2017

    Oun - Luy

    MUSIC VIDEO - 2017

    Road Safety 2

    TV SPOT - 2017

    Ministry of Environment

    TV SPOT - 2017



    Northbridge School


    TKS Group


    Road Safety 1

    TV SPOT - 2016



    Bong Pheak

    SHORT FILM - 2016



    Transparency International

    NGO SHORT FILM - 2015

    Uy Sing Investment

    TV SPOT - 2015

    Vattanac Bank

    TV SPOT - 2015


    We've produced ten feature films, some released in Cambodia's major cinemas, some winning awards in International Festivals. Several KMF movies have been chosen to represent the best of Cambodian cinema by the Ministry of Culture's 'Department of Cinema' at Film Festivals held in Southeast Asian capital cities.

    ព្រឺ - Fear

    FEATURE FILM - 2019

    Who is the killer? Hitchcock-style thriller keeps the audience guessing to the end. To be released Thursday 18 July 2019 in all cinemas. Facebook

    360 Degrees

    FEATURE FILM - 2019

    Musical romantic comedy filmed in March 2019 by award-winning Director-DoP team, William Dtx & Touch Oudom. Due for release in September 2019.

    Move Out

    FEATURE FILM - 2018

    Horror-Ghost-Comedy. When four students move into a weird house just outside Phnom Penh, they soon find out why the rent is so cheap. Due for release in November 2019.

    Day in the Country

    FEATURE FILM - 2019

    A movie about the problems of 'Arranged Marriage'. Part 1 was shot in 2016 and won five awards at Hollywood Moving Pictures Festival 2016, including 'Best Actress' & 'Best Cinematography'. Part 2, shot in 2018 and joined to Part 1, completes a full-length movie. Due for release in December 2019.

    Two Gems

    FEATURE FILM - 2018

    A film, shot for TV, telling the backstory of the 30-episode TV drama 'Brotherhood'. 'Two Gems' was broadcast alongside the 'Brotherhood' series on PNN-tv in January & February 2019. Click for trailer.

    King Selfie

    FEATURE FILM - 2017

    This dark comedy about self-obsession, released in March 2018, played for three weeks in all cinemas in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Battanbang. It premiered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as part of the ASEAN Film Festival.

    Price of Love

    FEATURE FILM - 2016

    This romantic comedy won four awards at the 2017 National Film Festival: Best Film, Best Actress, Best Production Values and Best Cinematography. It played in all cinemas for a month, and was shown several times on top TV channels.


    FEATURE FILM - 2009

    Released in 2010, this thriller was Number One at the box office for the month of its cinema run. It won '2nd Best Film' at the National Film Festival in 2015.

    Palace of Dreams

    FEATURE FILM - 2008

    Released in 2009, KMF produced this movie for the BBC World Service Trust. Directed at a young Cambodian audience, the fast-moving story contained powerful messages about the dangers of HIV-AIDS.

    Staying Single When

    FEATURE FILM - 2007

    Released in 2008, KMF's first movie, a romantic-comedy, was a box office hit, playing to packed houses at the huge Kirirom Cinema for five weeks. It has been shown on TV channels many times, always a public holiday favourite.


    KMF's makes factual programs for local TV channels and the International Market.​

    Make it Beautiful

    TV PROGRAMS - 2018 & 2017

    This popular program on environmental protection - aimed at young viewers - ran for 19 episodes over 2 Seasons. Plans are underway for Season 3.

    Facing Justice

    TV PROGRAMS - 2018

    6 episodes about the verdicts & sentencing of senior Khmer Rouge leaders. They were added to the 100 episodes previously produced and covering all three KR trials.

    Breaking the Silence


    50-min documentary examining Sexual Violence crimes under the Khmer Rouge. More info on the film's website. 

    Time to Give Back

    TV PROGRAM - 2016

    Tribute Concert for Cambodia’s famous singer, Sinn Sisamouth, broadcast on all TV channels for New Year.

    Voices Across Two Ages

    TV PROGRAMS - 2016

    Six episodes in which three members of the old generation are brought face-to-face with three members of the young generation. They swap trenchant views about the murderous legacy of the Khmer Rouge regime.

    Time to Speak Out

    TV PROGRAM - 2016

    Six programs, sponsored by the British Embassy, about forced marriage and sexual violence under the Khmer Rouge regime of the mid-70s. They were broadcast and repeated on MyTV and CTN.


    Did You Know?

    TV PROGRAMS - 2015

    Twenty 5-minute programs packed with fascinating information about aspects of Cambodian life that everyone thought they knew but didn't really. All were broadcast several time on MyTV and CTN.



    Since our first TV Drama in 2010, we've produced hundreds of episodes

    based on KMF's original stories for major Cambodian TV channels, attracting large audiences.


    TV DRAMA - 2019

    30 episodes of family saga - mixing the past with the present - gained prime slot on top-rated PNN-tv for three months in 2019. The backstory of the two brothers, stretching back to Khmer Rouge days, was told in the accompanying movie 'Two Gems' also shown on PNN-tv.

    Heart Wars

    TV DRAMA - 2017

    30-episode TV drama: love triangle involving a young woman and two brothers. The story features much rivalry and jealousy. But good sense and good hearts triumph in the end. Broadcast on top-rated channel PNN-tv.

    Saving Seca

    TV DRAMA - 2016

    This two-episode TV mini-series highlighting the horrors of human sex trafficking was commissioned by the Asia Foundation. It was broadcast to much acclaim on MyTV and CTN.

    Smart Girls

    TV DRAMA - 2015

    24-ep TV comedy-action drama in a Phnom Penh detective agency. 'Smart Girls' is run by a boss who believes that attractive young woman are best at solving human problems. Broadcast and repeated at peak times on CTN.

    The Jade Elephant

    TV Mini-Series 2014

    Five-episode adventure mini-series co-produced with Singapore's MediaCorp with its biggest male star Elvin Ung cast in the lead role. Top female star was Cambodia's popular Lida Duch. Broadcast at peak time on top-rated channel CTN.

    Beauty of Life

    TV DRAMA - 2013

    30-episode popular drama set in an Phnom Penh advertising agency where business and romance always intertwine. Broadcast - and repeated - at peak times on top-rated channel CTN.

    My Family My Heart

    TV DRAMA - 2011

    This 30-episode emotional drama is based on two families living in adjacent houses. The story involves controversial social issues such as pre-marital sex and abortion. Broadcast at peak time on CTN.


    TV DRAMA - 2010

    A 50-episode social drama funded by US State Department was created by KMF to encourage good community relations between the minor Muslim population and the Khmer majority. Broadcast at peak time on CTN.

    Upside Down

    TV Comedy - 2010/11/12

    39-episodes over 3 Seasons of this highly popular comedy sketch show are still remembered fondly years later by TV audiences today, were commissioned and broadcast by MyTV.


    Need help to film in Cambodia? We arrange crews, equipment, permissions, travel, casting etc. Contact us for more information!​ We'd be pleased to hear from you!

    Point Man

    FEATURE FILM - USA - 2018

    KMF provided technical support to the American team of MGB Films for the production of this war movie set in Cambodia.

    Crossing the Lines


    KMF arranged the shooting for Iceland’s travel program, this episode set in Phnom Penh.

    Norway Visits

    TV PROGRAM - NORWAY - 2016

    KMF arranged the shooting of an episode dedicated to the Cambodian social situation for the Norwegian national TV channel.

    A Cabbie Abroad - BBC

    TV PROGRAM - UK - 2015

    BBC host Mason McQueen spent 2 weeks working with our crew for 3 episodes of this British program.


    KMF recognises the importance of 'Short Films', not only to tell powerful stories

    but also to encourage and develop talent within the Cambodian film industry.


    A collection of short films produced in collaboration with Venerable Kou Sopheap.

    The films have hit millions of views online.

    Watch the first one here.


    A collection of short films on road safety produced for a major campaign launched by the Ministry of Transport: #Drinksafe4kh


    With the support of the British Embassy in Phnom Penh, KMF launched a short film competition for young Cambodian filmmakers. The four successful applicants had their films produced by the KMF team.

    More information on the contest's website.

  • Our Team

    In addition to our full-time staff below,

    we engage trusted and talented freelancers on a job-by-job basis.

    Matthew Robinson


    Executive Producer

    Lov Millan


    Head of Production

    Lov Chan Kakada

    Production Coordinator

    Phann Naroth

    Producer & Director

    Kim Ann Arun

    Writer & Script Producer

    Ly Tainghourt

    Director of Photography

    En Sophorn

    Sound Recordist

    Teo Sokchoeun

    Graphics & Special Effects

    Than Samedy

    IT Organiser

    Ki Kin

    Set Designer

    Kheng Sopheap

    Costume and Makeup